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My Maltese Dog

Canon 5D Mk3, Canon 17-40L @ 33mm, 1/60sec F/4, ISO 3200

Here’s a model that doesn’t complain (much) about shooting for too long 🙂  She is my little Maltese dog (1.5 years old).  I shot this with my new Canon 5D MK3 using a 17-40 F/4L lense.  Maltese dogs are so good and loving dogs.  My Bailey is about 8 pounds full of fluff 🙂

The Canon 17-40 is very new for me, and so far I am really enjoying the wide angle on a full frame.  No doubt about it–there is distortion, but that is what also makes the photos looks cool.    Notice how Bailey’s head looks disproportional to her body?  Looks like I’m going to have a lot of fun with this lens!  I got a great deal on it too from, believe it or not — Dell!   Some sort of Amex sync for an extra $100 off, along with some Dell Advantage gift cards.  Long story short, I came out paying $300 less than retail for it. Score!

Peach Front Conure – Lola!

Canon G10 – 15.673 mm, 1/60 sec, f/3.5, ISO 80

This is my peach front conure Lola.  5 years young, she’s always a little sweetheart.  She loves to laugh, sing, and she can recite entire texts from memory 🙂   She’s a wonderful and playful parrot.